reproach Definition

  • 1to express disapproval or disappointment
  • 2an expression of disapproval or disappointment

Using reproach: Examples

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    She reproached him for his laziness.

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    He looked at her with reproach.

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    I could hear the reproach in her voice.

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    The teacher's reproach made him feel ashamed.

reproach Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with reproach

  • beyond reproach

    perfectly correct and unable to be criticized


    Her work was beyond reproach.

  • bring reproach on/upon

    to cause someone or something to be criticized or disapproved of


    His behavior brought reproach upon the entire team.

  • a facial expression that shows disapproval or disappointment


    She gave him a look of reproach when he arrived late.

Origins of reproach

from Old French 'reprochier', meaning 'accuse, blame'


Summary: reproach in Brief

The term 'reproach' [ri-prohch] is a verb or noun that refers to expressing disapproval or disappointment. It can be used in various contexts, such as personal relationships or professional settings. Examples include 'She reproached him for his laziness,' and 'The teacher's reproach made him feel ashamed.' The phrase 'beyond reproach' means perfectly correct, while 'bring reproach on/upon' means to cause criticism or disapproval.