reverence Definition

  • 1deep respect for someone or something
  • 2a gesture of deep respect made, especially on meeting

Using reverence: Examples

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  • Example

    The audience showed reverence for the performer by giving a standing ovation.

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    The students showed reverence for their teacher by listening attentively.

  • Example

    The ancient Egyptians had a great reverence for their pharaohs.

  • Example

    The soldier saluted as a sign of reverence.

reverence Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for reverence

Phrases with reverence

  • show respect and admiration for someone or something


    Many people pay reverence to their ancestors by visiting their graves.

  • as a sign of respect for someone or something


    The flag was flown at half-mast in reverence to the fallen soldiers.

  • with the utmost respect


    With all due reverence, I must disagree with your opinion.

Origins of reverence

from Old French 'reverencier', meaning 'revere'


Summary: reverence in Brief

The term 'reverence' [ˈrɛvərəns] refers to deep respect for someone or something, often shown through gestures like saluting or standing ovations. It can be used in phrases like 'pay reverence to' or 'in reverence to,' and is formal in tone. 'Reverence' is synonymous with 'veneration' and 'worship,' and antonymous with 'disrespect.'