rod Definition

  • 1a thin straight bar, especially of wood or metal
  • 2a fishing rod
  • 3a unit of length equal to 5.5 yards (approximately 5 meters)

Using rod: Examples

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  • Example

    He used a metal rod to stir the paint.

  • Example

    I bought a new fishing rod for my trip.

  • Example

    The field is 20 rods wide.

  • Example

    She measured the fabric with a rod.

rod Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for rod

Phrases with rod

  • a car that has been specially modified to increase its speed and acceleration


    He spent all weekend working on his hot rod.

  • a metal rod placed on top of a building to protect it from lightning strikes


    The church steeple had a lightning rod on top.

  • put/stick/poke a rod in it

    to stop talking about something or someone


    I wish he would just put a rod in it and move on.


Summary: rod in Brief

The word 'rod' [rɒd] refers to a thin, straight bar made of wood or metal. It can also mean a fishing rod or a unit of length. Examples include 'He used a metal rod to stir the paint.' and 'I bought a new fishing rod for my trip.' Phrases include 'hot rod,' referring to a modified car, and 'put a rod in it,' meaning to stop talking about something.

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