[roh-muh n]

roman Definition

  • 1a typeface used chiefly for upright printed matter, having serifs at the ends of the strokes
  • 2a novel dealing with idealized events remote from everyday life
  • 3of or relating to Rome or its people or culture

Using roman: Examples

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  • Example

    The book was printed in roman typeface.

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    I enjoy reading historical romans.

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    Roman architecture is known for its grandeur and magnificence.

roman Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for roman

Phrases with roman

  • a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names


    The author's latest work is a roman à clef about his time in Hollywood.

  • a firework that emits a series of colored flames and sparks


    We lit up some roman candles during the Fourth of July celebration.

  • a carefree vacation or pleasure trip, especially one taken in a foreign country


    After months of hard work, she decided to take a roman holiday in Italy.


Summary: roman in Brief

The term 'roman' [roh-muh n] has several meanings. It can refer to a typeface with serifs, a novel dealing with idealized events, or something related to Rome or its people and culture. Examples include 'The book was printed in roman typeface,' 'I enjoy reading historical romans,' and 'Roman architecture is known for its grandeur and magnificence.' Phrases like 'roman à clef' and 'roman holiday' add more context to the word.

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