roughness Definition

  • 1the quality of being uneven or irregular in texture or shape
  • 2the quality of being harsh or unpleasant
  • 3the quality of lacking refinement or polish

Using roughness: Examples

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  • Example

    The roughness of the sandpaper made it difficult to use.

  • Example

    The roughness of his voice suggested he had a cold.

  • Example

    The roughness of the road made for a bumpy ride.

  • Example

    The roughness of the fabric irritated her skin.

roughness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for roughness

Antonyms for roughness

Phrases with roughness

  • a physical fight or scuffle


    The boys engaged in a rough and tumble playfight.

  • in an unfinished or unrefined state


    The diamond was still in the rough, waiting to be polished.

  • not refined or polished; lacking sophistication


    He's a good guy, but he's a bit rough around the edges.


Summary: roughness in Brief

Roughness [ˈrʌfnəs] refers to the quality of being uneven or irregular in texture or shape, harsh or unpleasant, and lacking refinement or polish. Examples include the roughness of sandpaper, a person's voice, a road, or fabric. Phrases like 'rough and tumble' denote physical fights, 'in the rough' means unfinished or unrefined, and 'rough around the edges' suggests a lack of sophistication.