smoothness Definition

  • 1the quality of having a surface or texture that is even, regular, and free from roughness or irregularities
  • 2the quality of being easy and effortless in movement or performance

Using smoothness: Examples

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    The smoothness of the silk fabric felt luxurious against her skin.

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    The car's engine runs with remarkable smoothness.

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    The dancer's movements were characterized by their smoothness and grace.

smoothness Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for smoothness

Phrases with smoothness

  • the quality of speaking fluently and without hesitation


    The politician's smoothness of speech helped him win over the crowd.

  • the quality of a machine or system operating without any problems or interruptions


    The smoothness of operation of the new software impressed the users.

  • the quality of having soft and unblemished skin


    The beauty product promises to improve the smoothness of skin.


Summary: smoothness in Brief

Smoothness [smuːðnəs] refers to the quality of having an even, regular, and free-from-roughness surface or texture. It also denotes the quality of being easy and effortless in movement or performance, as in 'The car's engine runs with remarkable smoothness.' Smoothness extends into phrases like 'smoothness of speech' and 'smoothness of skin,' and is often associated with qualities like silkiness and slickness.