rouse Definition

  • 1to wake someone up or cause someone to become active or excited
  • 2to provoke or stir up strong emotions or reactions

Using rouse: Examples

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  • Example

    The loud noise roused me from my sleep.

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    The coach's speech roused the team to victory.

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    The injustice of the situation roused her anger.

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    The smell of fresh coffee roused his senses.

rouse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using rouse

  • a hornet's nest

    a situation that is likely to cause trouble or be met with hostility


    He stirred up a hornet's nest when he criticized the company's policies.

  • a person or group that has great potential but has not yet been fully utilized or awakened


    The new technology has the potential to awaken a sleeping giant in the industry.

  • to cause annoyance or offense to someone


    His comments about the company's management style ruffled some feathers.

Phrases with rouse

  • to make an effort to become more alert, active, or energetic


    She roused herself from the couch and went for a jog.

  • to cause others to become suspicious or distrustful


    His evasive answers roused suspicion among his colleagues.

  • to motivate or inspire someone to take action


    The leader's speech roused the crowd to action.

Origins of rouse

from Old Norse 'rausa', meaning 'to shake the branches of a tree'


Summary: rouse in Brief

To 'rouse' [raʊz] means to awaken or stimulate someone or something, often to become more active or excited. It can also mean to provoke strong emotions or reactions, as in 'The injustice of the situation roused her anger.' The phrase 'rouse oneself' denotes making an effort to become more alert or energetic, while 'rouse suspicion' means to cause others to become suspicious or distrustful. Idioms like 'a hornet's nest' and 'a sleeping giant' describe situations that are likely to cause trouble or awaken great potential.