ruddy Definition

  • 1having a healthy red color, especially in the face
  • 2used as a euphemism for 'bloody'

Using ruddy: Examples

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  • Example

    He had a ruddy complexion from working outside all day.

  • Example

    She was ruddy with embarrassment after being caught in a lie.

  • Example

    That ruddy cat keeps getting into my garden!

ruddy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for ruddy

Phrases with ruddy

  • a small North American diving duck with a blue bill and a distinctive white cheek patch


    The ruddy duck is known for its unique mating display.

  • a small shorebird with reddish-brown plumage that breeds in the Arctic and winters on coasts worldwide


    The ruddy turnstone is a common sight on rocky beaches.

  • a large, brightly colored duck with a distinctive orange-brown head and neck


    The ruddy shelduck is native to Central Asia and parts of Europe.

Origins of ruddy

from Old English 'rudig', meaning 'reddish'


Summary: ruddy in Brief

The term 'ruddy' [ˈrʌdi] describes a healthy red color, often in the face, and is also used as a euphemism for 'bloody.' It can be used to describe people or animals, as in 'He had a ruddy complexion,' or 'That ruddy cat keeps getting into my garden!'