seminar Definition

a meeting for discussion or training on a particular subject, especially one in which a group of people share their knowledge or experience.

Using seminar: Examples

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    I attended a seminar on climate change last week.

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    The company organized a seminar on leadership skills for its employees.

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    The seminar was led by a renowned expert in the field.

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    The seminar provided valuable insights into the latest research findings.

seminar Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with seminar

  • a set of seminars on a particular topic that are held over a period of time


    The university is hosting a seminar series on artificial intelligence.

  • a seminar for advanced students pursuing a graduate degree


    The graduate seminar focused on the history of modern art.

  • a written work submitted by a student as part of a seminar course


    She received an A on her seminar paper on the effects of globalization on local economies.

Origins of seminar

from Latin 'seminarium', meaning 'breeding ground'


Summary: seminar in Brief

A 'seminar' [ˈsɛmɪnɑːr] is a meeting where a group of people come together to discuss or receive training on a specific topic. It is often led by an expert and provides valuable insights and knowledge sharing opportunities. Examples include 'I attended a seminar on climate change last week' and 'The company organized a seminar on leadership skills for its employees.'

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