sharing Definition

  • 1the act of giving a portion of something to another person or others
  • 2participating in the use, consumption, or experience of something with others

Using sharing: Examples

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    Sharing is caring.

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    She is sharing her toys with her friends.

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    The company encourages knowledge sharing among employees.

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    Sharing a meal with loved ones is a great way to bond.

sharing Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using sharing

  • to share something equally with someone else


    Let's go shares on this pizza.

  • to divide something equally among all members of a group


    We agreed to share and share alike the profits from our business venture.

  • to spread happiness, kindness, or affection to others


    Let's share the love by volunteering at a local charity event.

Phrases with sharing

  • the practice of sharing resources such as hardware, software, and data among different computers or devices


    Resource sharing is essential for efficient use of computing resources in a networked environment.

  • the practice of sharing the cost of a service or product between two or more parties


    The government implemented a cost-sharing program to make healthcare more affordable for low-income families.

  • knowledge sharing

    the exchange of information, skills, or expertise among individuals or organizations


    Knowledge sharing is crucial for innovation and growth in any field.


Summary: sharing in Brief

Sharing [หˆสƒerษชล‹] refers to giving a portion of something to another person or participating in the use, consumption, or experience of something with others. It can be seen in daily activities like sharing toys or meals, as well as in professional settings like knowledge sharing among employees. Phrases like 'resource sharing' and 'cost sharing' denote specific contexts, while idioms like 'share and share alike' and 'share the love' express the idea of equal division and spreading happiness, respectively.

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