shocking Definition

  • 1causing intense surprise, disgust, or horror
  • 2very bad or unpleasant

Using shocking: Examples

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  • Example

    The news of the accident was shocking.

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    The film contains some shocking scenes of violence.

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    The company's financial results were shocking.

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    The conditions in the prison were shocking.

shocking Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with shocking

  • a bright, intense pink color


    She wore a dress in shocking pink to the party.

  • an unexpected and surprising disclosure of information


    The book contained shocking revelations about the politician's past.

  • behavior that is considered inappropriate or unacceptable


    His drunken outburst at the party was shocking behavior.


Summary: shocking in Brief

The term 'shocking' [ˈʃɑːkɪŋ] describes something that causes intense surprise, disgust, or horror, often with negative connotations. It can refer to events, situations, or behaviors, as in 'The news of the accident was shocking,' 'The company's financial results were shocking,' and 'His drunken outburst at the party was shocking behavior.' 'Shocking' also extends into phrases like 'shocking pink' and 'shocking revelation,' denoting bright colors and unexpected disclosures of information.

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