outrageous Definition

  • 1shockingly bad or excessive
  • 2very unusual and noticeable in a way that is intended to be noticed

Using outrageous: Examples

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  • Example

    The prices at the restaurant are outrageous.

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    The company's treatment of its employees was outrageous.

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    The politician made an outrageous statement during the debate.

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    The movie had some outrageous scenes that left the audience stunned.

outrageous Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using outrageous

  • a person who behaves in an unconventional or eccentric manner


    The artist was known for his outrageous character and flamboyant style.

  • an unreasonable or excessive request


    The customer made an outrageous demand for a refund on a used product.

  • an exorbitant or excessively high cost


    The designer handbag had an outrageous price tag that only the wealthy could afford.

Phrases with outrageous

  • unexpected and adverse events that affect one's life


    Hamlet laments his 'outrageous fortune' in the famous soliloquy.

  • a blatant and intentional falsehood


    The tabloid published an outrageous lie about the celebrity couple.

  • conduct that is unacceptable or offensive


    The teacher was fired for his outrageous behavior towards his students.

Origins of outrageous

from Middle French 'outrageux', from 'outrage' meaning 'excess'


Summary: outrageous in Brief

The term 'outrageous' [aʊtˈreɪdʒəs] describes something that is shockingly bad or excessive, or very unusual and noticeable. It can refer to prices, treatment of people, statements, or scenes in movies. Phrases like 'outrageous fortune' and idioms like 'an outrageous character' extend the meaning to unexpected events and unconventional behavior. 'Outrageous' can also describe demands, prices, and behavior that are unreasonable or exorbitant.

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