sing Definition

to make musical sounds with the voice, especially words with a set tune.

Using sing: Examples

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    She loves to sing in the shower.

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    The choir sang beautifully at the concert.

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    He sings in a rock band.

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    I can't sing that high note.

sing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using sing

  • to force someone to reveal information or confess to a crime


    The detective used various tactics to make the suspect sing.

  • to change one's opinion or attitude, especially after being proven wrong


    He was against the idea at first, but he sang a different tune after seeing the benefits.

  • sing for one's supper

    to provide a service or perform a task in exchange for payment or other benefits


    He had to sing for his supper by working overtime to finish the project.

Phrases with sing

  • to sing with someone who is already singing or with a recording of a song


    We sang along to our favorite songs on the radio.

  • to sing loudly and clearly


    She sang out the high notes with ease.

  • sing praises

    to express admiration or approval for someone or something


    The critics sang praises for the actor's performance.

Origins of sing

from Old English 'singan'


Summary: sing in Brief

The verb 'sing' [sɪŋ] means to produce musical sounds with the voice, often with a set tune. It can be used in various contexts, from singing in the shower to performing in a rock band. Phrases like 'sing along' and 'sing praises' add nuances to the meaning, while idioms like 'make someone sing' and 'sing a different tune' convey figurative senses.

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