sip Definition

  • 1to drink, taking only a small amount at a time
  • 2a small mouthful of liquid

Using sip: Examples

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  • Example

    She sipped her coffee while reading the newspaper.

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    He took a sip of water before continuing his speech.

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    I like to sip on tea in the afternoon.

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    She sipped at her wine throughout the meal.

sip Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with sip

  • to drink a small amount of a liquid


    Can I take a sip of your soda?

  • sip and savor

    to enjoy something slowly and deliberately, often used for food or drinks


    She likes to sip and savor her wine, enjoying every flavor.

  • sip from the firehose

    to receive an overwhelming amount of information or data


    I can't keep up with all the emails I'm getting - it's like sipping from a firehose!


Summary: sip in Brief

The verb 'sip' [sɪp] means to drink a small amount of liquid at a time. It is often used to describe a slow and deliberate way of drinking, as in 'She sipped her coffee while reading the newspaper.' 'Sip' can also be used as a noun, referring to a small mouthful of liquid. Phrases like 'take a sip' and 'sip and savor' emphasize the slow and enjoyable aspect of drinking, while 'sip from the firehose' describes being overwhelmed by too much information.

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