gulp Definition

  • 1to swallow something quickly and audibly
  • 2an act of swallowing something quickly and audibly
  • 3a large amount of liquid swallowed at once

Using gulp: Examples

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  • Example

    She gulped down her coffee and left the house.

  • Example

    He took a gulp of water before continuing his speech.

  • Example

    I felt a gulp in my throat when I heard the news.

  • Example

    The fisherman caught a huge gulp of fish.

gulp Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for gulp

Idioms Using gulp

  • gulp one's words

    to suddenly become silent or unable to speak because of nervousness or embarrassment


    When he saw the angry look on her face, he gulped his words and left the room.

  • to accept or believe something without questioning it


    He just gulped it down when they told him the news, without asking any questions.

  • to struggle to breathe, especially after physical exertion


    After running up the stairs, he was gulping for breath and had to sit down.

Phrases with gulp

  • to take in a large amount of air quickly, usually because you are out of breath or have been holding your breath


    After swimming for a long time, she had to stop and gulp for air.

  • to eat or drink something quickly and eagerly


    He gulped down his sandwich and ran out the door.

  • to try to stop yourself from showing a strong emotion such as anger, sadness, or tears


    She gulped back her tears and tried to smile.

Origins of gulp

from Old Norse 'gulpa', meaning 'to swallow greedily'


Summary: gulp in Brief

The verb 'gulp' [ɡʌlp] means to swallow something quickly and audibly, often used with liquids. It can also refer to an act of swallowing or a large amount of liquid swallowed at once. Phrases like 'gulp for air' and 'gulp down' extend the concept to breathing and eating, while idioms like 'gulp one's words' and 'gulp it down' denote sudden silence or unquestioning acceptance.