slab Definition

a thick, flat piece of stone, wood, or concrete, typically rectangular.

Using slab: Examples

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    The workers are laying concrete slabs for the new sidewalk.

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    The butcher cut a slab of meat from the cow.

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    The tombstone was made of a single slab of marble.

slab Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for slab

Phrases with slab

  • a block of butter


    Can you pass me the slab of butter, please?

  • a typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs


    The logo uses a slab serif font to convey a sense of solidity and strength.

  • an avalanche in which a cohesive layer of snow breaks away from the surrounding snowpack as a single unit


    The ski resort closed the slopes due to the risk of slab avalanches.


Summary: slab in Brief

A 'slab' [slæb] is a thick, flat piece of stone, wood, or concrete, often rectangular. It can refer to building materials like concrete slabs or tombstones, or food items like a slab of meat or butter. The term also extends to typography with 'slab serif' fonts, and to snow avalanches with 'slab avalanches.'