sobbing Definition

the act of crying noisily, taking sudden breaths.

Using sobbing: Examples

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    She was sobbing uncontrollably after hearing the news.

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    The child was sobbing in his mother's arms.

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    He tried to hide his sobbing from his friends.

sobbing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for sobbing

Phrases with sobbing

  • a sudden and intense episode of sobbing


    She had a sobbing fit after watching the emotional movie.

  • someone who is crying uncontrollably and is unable to stop


    She was a sobbing mess after her breakup.

  • crying without making any noise


    She was sobbing quietly so as not to wake up her roommate.


Summary: sobbing in Brief

'Sobbing' [ˈsɑːbɪŋ] refers to the act of crying noisily, taking sudden breaths. It can be seen in various situations, such as hearing bad news or feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Phrases like 'sobbing fit' and 'sobbing mess' describe intense episodes of sobbing, while 'sobbing quietly' denotes crying without making any noise.