son Definition

  • 1a male child or offspring
  • 2a male descendant
  • 3a man considered in relation to his father or mother

Using son: Examples

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  • Example

    He is the son of a famous actor.

  • Example

    She has two sons and a daughter.

  • Example

    The king had no son to inherit the throne.

  • Example

    He is a devoted son who takes care of his elderly parents.

son Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for son

Phrases with son

  • an expression of surprise, shock, or admiration


    Son of a gun! You did it!

  • like father, like son

    used to say that a son has similar qualities or behaves in a similar way to his father


    John is just like his father - like father, like son.

  • son of a bitch

    a derogatory term used to insult someone


    He's such a son of a bitch for cheating on his wife.

Origins of son

from Old English 'sunu'


Summary: son in Brief

The term 'son' [sʌn] refers to a male child or descendant, often considered in relation to his parents. It can also denote a man's relationship with his father or mother. Examples include 'He is the son of a famous actor.' and 'He is a devoted son who takes care of his elderly parents.' Phrases like 'son of a gun' express surprise or admiration, while 'son of a bitch' is a derogatory term.

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