steps Definition

  • 1a set of stairs
  • 2a measure or action taken in order to achieve a particular goal

Using steps: Examples

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  • Example

    She walked up the steps to the front door.

  • Example

    He took steps to improve his health.

  • Example

    The company is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

steps Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for steps

Phrases with steps

  • watch one's step

    to be careful about what one does or says


    You need to watch your step when dealing with difficult customers.

  • to take action in order to achieve a particular goal


    The government needs to take steps to reduce crime in the city.

  • in someone's steps

    following in someone's path or example


    As a child, she always wanted to follow in her mother's steps and become a doctor.


Summary: steps in Brief

The term 'steps' [steps] refers to a set of stairs or a measure or action taken to achieve a goal. It can be used in phrases like 'watch one's step' to mean being careful, or 'take steps' to mean taking action. The idiom 'in someone's steps' means following in someone's path or example.