storyteller Definition

a person who tells or writes stories.

Using storyteller: Examples

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    My grandfather was a great storyteller.

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    She is a gifted storyteller, captivating her audience with every word.

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    The book is written by a master storyteller.

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    He made his living as a professional storyteller.

storyteller Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for storyteller

Idioms Using storyteller

  • to tell a long and often exaggerated story


    He loves to spin a yarn about his adventures in the wilderness.

  • an exaggerated or improbable story, especially one involving fishing


    I think he's telling a fish story about the size of that trout he caught.

  • old wives' tale

    a traditional belief or story that is often untrue or unscientific


    The idea that eating carrots improves your eyesight is an old wives' tale.

Phrases with storyteller

  • tall tale

    an exaggerated or improbable story


    He told us a tall tale about how he caught a fish as big as a whale.

  • fairy tale

    a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands


    Cinderella is a classic fairy tale.

  • a story that is intended to frighten or unsettle the reader or listener


    Stephen King is known for his horror stories.


Summary: storyteller in Brief

A 'storyteller' [ˈstɔːr.iˌtel.ər] is a person who tells or writes stories. They can be professional or amateur, and their stories can range from factual to fictional, from tall tales to fairy tales. The phrase 'spin a yarn' is an idiom that means to tell a long and often exaggerated story.