submarine Definition

  • 1a watercraft that can operate underwater, designed for military or scientific purposes
  • 2a sandwich made on a long, cylindrical roll, typically filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables

Using submarine: Examples

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  • Example

    The navy uses submarines to conduct covert operations.

  • Example

    The submarine dove to a depth of 500 meters.

  • Example

    I ordered a meatball submarine sandwich for lunch.

submarine Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for submarine

  • sub
  • U-boat
  • underwater craft

Phrases with submarine

  • the use of submarines to attack enemy ships


    Submarine warfare played a significant role in World War II.

  • a volcano that is located underwater


    Scientists discovered a new submarine volcano off the coast of Japan.

  • a cable laid on the seabed to carry telecommunication signals between countries


    The new submarine cable will connect Europe and South America.

Origins of submarine

from Latin 'sub-' meaning 'under' + 'mare' meaning 'sea'


Summary: submarine in Brief

A 'submarine' [sʌbməˈriːn] is a watercraft designed to operate underwater, typically used for military or scientific purposes. It can also refer to a sandwich made on a long roll. Examples include 'The navy uses submarines to conduct covert operations.' and 'I ordered a meatball submarine sandwich for lunch.'

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