subtraction Definition

the process of taking one number or amount away from another.

Using subtraction: Examples

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    Subtraction is a basic arithmetic operation.

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    The subtraction of taxes from income leaves you with your net income.

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    The teacher asked the students to perform subtraction exercises on the board.

subtraction Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with subtraction

  • a mathematical principle that states that if the same quantity is subtracted from both sides of an equation, the equation remains true


    If a = b, then a - c = b - c, where c is any real number.

  • a table used to memorize subtraction facts


    The subtraction table helps children learn the basic subtraction facts.

  • a technique used in subtraction when the digit being subtracted is larger than the digit it is being subtracted from


    In the subtraction problem 52 - 37, borrowing is needed from the tens place to subtract 7 from 12.


Summary: subtraction in Brief

Subtraction [səbˈtrækʃən] is the process of taking one number or amount away from another. It is a fundamental arithmetic operation and can be used to find the difference between two values. Subtraction can be represented using a subtraction sign (-) or the word 'minus.' It is often taught in elementary school and can be used in more advanced mathematical concepts.