surprising Definition

  • 1causing a feeling of surprise or astonishment
  • 2unexpected

Using surprising: Examples

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    It's surprising how much he has grown since last year.

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    The results of the experiment were surprising.

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    It was a surprising turn of events.

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    The movie had a surprising ending.

surprising Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with surprising

  • an expression used to emphasize that something is very surprising


    Surprising to say the least, she won the race despite her injury.

  • used to indicate that something is expected or unsurprising


    It's not surprising that he failed the exam, given that he didn't study at all.

  • used to introduce a surprising fact or piece of information


    Surprising as it may seem, he has never tasted chocolate in his life.


Summary: surprising in Brief

The term 'surprising' [səˈpraɪzɪŋ] denotes something that causes a feeling of surprise or astonishment, often unexpected. It can be used to describe growth, experimental results, events, and endings, as in 'The movie had a surprising ending.' Phrases like 'surprising to say the least' and 'not surprising' add emphasis and context to the term.

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