sustaining Definition

  • 1strengthening or supporting physically or mentally
  • 2maintaining or continuing
  • 3providing the necessities of life, especially food

Using sustaining: Examples

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    The company is committed to sustaining its reputation for quality.

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    The government's policies are aimed at sustaining economic growth.

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    The charity provides help and support to people in need of sustaining resources.

sustaining Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with sustaining

  • the ability to maintain or continue something


    The team's sustaining power was impressive, winning game after game despite injuries and setbacks.

  • absorbing or enduring a financial loss without collapsing or failing


    The company was able to sustain a loss in profits due to the pandemic by cutting costs and finding new revenue streams.

  • providing the necessities of life, especially food and water, to support human or animal life


    The drought has made it difficult to sustain life in the region, with many people and animals suffering from lack of water and food.


Summary: sustaining in Brief

The term 'sustaining' [səˈsteɪnɪŋ] refers to strengthening or supporting physically or mentally, maintaining or continuing, and providing the necessities of life, especially food. It can be used to describe a company's commitment to quality, the government's policies for economic growth, or a charity's help and support for people in need. Phrases like 'sustaining power' and 'sustaining a loss' denote endurance and resilience, while 'sustaining life' refers to providing the necessities of life to support human or animal life.