upholding Definition

the act of supporting or maintaining something, especially a principle or law.

Using upholding: Examples

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    The upholding of human rights is essential to a just society.

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    The court's upholding of the law was met with mixed reactions.

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    The company's upholding of ethical standards has earned it a good reputation.

upholding Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for upholding

Phrases with upholding

  • ensuring that laws are followed and enforced


    The police are responsible for upholding the law.

  • ensuring that fairness and equity are maintained in legal proceedings


    The judge's role is to uphold justice in the courtroom.

  • upholding values

    maintaining and defending moral or ethical principles


    The organization is committed to upholding its core values.


Summary: upholding in Brief

The term 'upholding' [uhp-hohl-ding] refers to the act of supporting or maintaining something, particularly a principle or law. It can be seen in contexts such as 'upholding human rights,' 'upholding the law,' and 'upholding ethical standards.'