swan Definition

a large waterbird with a long neck and bill, typically all white (except for the black swan), and known for its gracefulness on water.

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    The swan glided gracefully across the lake.

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    Swans mate for life.

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    The ballet dancer moved like a swan on stage.

swan Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for swan

Phrases with swan

  • a common Eurasian swan with a black knob at the base of its bill


    The mute swan is a protected species in the UK.

  • a large Australian swan with black plumage and a red bill


    Black swans are native to Australia and are considered a symbol of Western Australia.

  • a final act or performance before retirement or death


    The concert was the singer's swan song before retiring from the music industry.


Summary: swan in Brief

A 'swan' [swɒn] is a large waterbird known for its gracefulness on water. It has a long neck and bill and is typically all white, except for the black swan. Swans mate for life and are often associated with elegance and beauty. The phrase 'swan song' refers to a final act or performance before retirement or death.

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