tackle Definition

  • 1to try to deal with a problem or difficult situation
  • 2to confront or engage with someone in a physical altercation

Using tackle: Examples

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  • Example

    We need to tackle the issue of climate change.

  • Example

    He tackled the burglar and held him until the police arrived.

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    The team's defense needs to tackle more aggressively.

  • Example

    She tackled the difficult task with determination.

tackle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using tackle

  • tackle something head-on

    to confront a problem or challenge directly and with determination


    She decided to tackle the issue head-on and came up with a solution.

  • a collection of methods or strategies used to deal with a particular situation


    He pulled out his tackle box of tricks to try to win the negotiation.

  • a padded object used for practicing football tackles


    The team practiced their tackles on the tackle dummy.

Phrases with tackle

  • a container used to store fishing tackle


    He opened his tackle box and selected a lure.

  • a form of American football where players are allowed to physically tackle each other


    He played tackle football in high school.

  • a store that sells fishing tackle and supplies


    He stopped by the tackle shop to buy some bait.

Origins of tackle

from Middle English 'takel', meaning 'equipment'


Summary: tackle in Brief

The verb 'tackle' [ˈtækəl] means to attempt to solve a problem or confront a difficult situation, as in 'We need to tackle the issue of climate change.' It can also refer to engaging in physical confrontation, as in 'He tackled the burglar.' The term extends into phrases like 'tackle box,' referring to a container for fishing equipment, and idioms like 'tackle something head-on,' meaning to confront a challenge directly.

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