tacky Definition

  • 1showing poor taste and quality
  • 2adhesive, sticky

Using tacky: Examples

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  • Example

    The decorations looked tacky and cheap.

  • Example

    She wore a tacky outfit to the party.

  • Example

    The paint was still tacky to the touch.

  • Example

    I need some tacky glue to fix this.

tacky Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with tacky

  • a person who dresses or behaves in a way that is considered tasteless or inappropriate for the place they are visiting


    He stood out as a tacky tourist in his loud shirt and camera around his neck.

  • a mat with a sticky surface used to remove dirt and dust from shoes


    The cleanroom required everyone to step on a tacky mat before entering.

  • a sweater with a garish or over-the-top design, often worn as a joke or for fun


    They had a tacky sweater party for Christmas, and everyone wore their most outrageous sweaters.


Summary: tacky in Brief

The term 'tacky' [ˈtæki] refers to something that shows poor taste and quality. It can describe clothing, decorations, or other items that are considered cheap or vulgar. Additionally, 'tacky' can mean adhesive or sticky, as in 'The paint was still tacky to the touch.' Other phrases include 'tacky tourist,' 'tacky mat,' and 'tacky sweater.'