tainted Definition

  • 1contaminated or polluted with a harmful or undesirable substance
  • 2corrupted or spoiled morally

Using tainted: Examples

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    The water supply was tainted with lead.

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    The company's reputation was tainted by the scandal.

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    The evidence was tainted and therefore inadmissible in court.

tainted Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with tainted

  • a love that is corrupted or unhealthy, often used to describe obsessive or possessive relationships


    Their relationship was based on tainted love, with him controlling every aspect of her life.

  • food that has been contaminated with harmful substances, such as bacteria or chemicals


    The restaurant was shut down after several customers fell ill from tainted food.

  • money that has been obtained through illegal or unethical means


    The politician was accused of accepting tainted money from lobbyists.


Summary: tainted in Brief

The adjective 'tainted' [ˈteɪntɪd] describes something that is contaminated or polluted with harmful substances, or corrupted or spoiled morally. It can refer to things like water, food, or evidence, as well as relationships or reputations. Examples include 'The water supply was tainted with lead.' and 'The company's reputation was tainted by the scandal.'