temporal Definition

  • 1relating to time
  • 2not lasting forever or relating to the material world rather than the spiritual world

Using temporal: Examples

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    The temporal nature of human existence is a common theme in literature.

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    The church has both spiritual and temporal powers.

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    The temporal ruler was responsible for the administration of justice and the maintenance of law and order.

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Phrases with temporal

  • the lateral lobe of either cerebral hemisphere, located in front of the occipital lobe and containing the sensory center for hearing and smell


    The patient's seizures were caused by damage to the temporal lobe.

  • secular power or authority, as opposed to ecclesiastical power


    The pope's temporal power was gradually reduced during the Middle Ages.

  • a large bone situated at the base and side of the skull


    The temporal bone protects the ear and the inner ear structures.

Origins of temporal

from Latin 'temporalis', from 'tempus' meaning 'time'


Summary: temporal in Brief

The term 'temporal' [ˈtɛmpərəl] refers to things related to time or the material world. It can describe the fleeting nature of human existence or the secular powers of an institution. Examples include 'The temporal nature of human existence is a common theme in literature.' and 'The church has both spiritual and temporal powers.'