bone Definition

  • 1any of the hard pieces that form the skeleton of the body of a vertebrate
  • 2the hard material that bones are made of
  • 3something that is very difficult to do or deal with

Using bone: Examples

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  • Example

    The human body has 206 bones.

  • Example

    The dog buried the bone in the backyard.

  • Example

    It's hard to find a job in this economy. It's a real bone of contention.

  • Example

    The chicken bone was stuck in his throat.

  • Example

    He's skin and bone after being lost in the wilderness for a week.

bone Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bone

Phrases with bone

  • a matter or subject that one feels compelled to discuss or argue about


    I have a bone to pick with you about the way you treated me yesterday.

  • to state a fact or opinion clearly and without hesitation


    She made no bones about her dislike for the new boss.

  • feel it in one's bones

    to have a strong intuition or premonition about something


    I feel it in my bones that something bad is going to happen.


Summary: bone in Brief

The term 'bone' [bohn] refers to the hard pieces that make up the skeleton of a vertebrate, as well as the material that bones are made of. It can also be used figuratively to describe something that is very difficult to do or deal with, as in 'finding a job is a real bone of contention.' Phrases like 'a bone to pick' and 'make no bones about' are idiomatic expressions that convey a sense of argument or clarity, while 'feel it in one's bones' means to have a strong intuition.

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