pick Definition

  • 1to choose or select something
  • 2to remove unwanted things from something
  • 3a tool with a long handle and a pointed end used for breaking up hard ground or rock

Using pick: Examples

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  • Example

    I'll pick the blue shirt for the party.

  • Example

    She picked the flowers from the garden.

  • Example

    He picked out the best apples from the basket.

  • Example

    The team picked him as their captain.

  • Example

    She picked at her food, not really hungry.

  • Example

    I need to pick up some groceries on my way home.

  • Example

    He picked his way through the rocky terrain.

  • Example

    She picked up the phone and dialed his number.

pick Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with pick

  • to be selective and careful in choosing something


    You can't just pick and choose which rules you want to follow.

  • to have a choice between two or more things


    There are several restaurants on this street, so take your pick.

  • pick someone's brain

    to ask someone for advice or information about something


    I need to pick your brain about the best way to approach this project.


Summary: pick in Brief

The term 'pick' [pɪk] can be used as a verb to mean to choose or select something, or to remove unwanted things from something. It can also refer to a tool with a long handle and a pointed end used for breaking up hard ground or rock. Common phrases include 'pick and choose,' meaning to be selective, 'take your pick,' meaning to have a choice, and 'pick someone's brain,' meaning to ask for advice or information.

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