terrify Definition

  • 1to cause someone to feel extreme fear
  • 2to frighten greatly

Using terrify: Examples

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  • Example

    The loud noise terrified the small child.

  • Example

    The thought of losing her job terrifies her.

  • Example

    The horror movie terrified me so much that I couldn't sleep.

  • Example

    The sound of gunshots terrified the entire neighborhood.

terrify Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for terrify

Antonyms for terrify

Phrases with terrify

  • extremely fearful or easily frightened


    After being attacked, she became terrified of her own shadow.

  • extremely frightened


    I was terrified to death when I saw the bear in my backyard.

  • a facial expression that shows extreme fear


    She had a terrified look on her face when she saw the spider.

Origins of terrify

from Latin 'terrere', meaning 'to frighten'


Summary: terrify in Brief

The verb 'terrify' [ˈterəfaɪ] means to cause extreme fear or frighten greatly. It is often used in situations where someone is scared or alarmed, such as 'The loud noise terrified the small child.' 'Terrify' can be used in phrases like 'terrified of one's own shadow,' which means extremely fearful, and 'terrified look,' which describes a facial expression that shows extreme fear.