horrify Definition

to cause someone to feel extremely shocked, disgusted, or frightened.

Using horrify: Examples

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    The thought of being trapped in an elevator horrifies me.

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    The news of the terrorist attack horrified the nation.

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    The sight of the car accident was horrifying.

horrify Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for horrify

Phrases with horrify

  • feeling extreme shock, disgust, or fear because of something


    She was horrified by the conditions in the prison.

  • a facial expression that shows extreme shock, disgust, or fear


    He had a horrified expression on his face when he saw the accident.

  • a period of silence that follows something shocking or disturbing


    There was a horrified silence in the room after the news was announced.


Summary: horrify in Brief

The verb 'horrify' [ˈhɒrɪfaɪ] means to cause extreme shock, disgust, or fear. It is often used to describe reactions to events or situations that are disturbing or frightening, as in 'The news of the terrorist attack horrified the nation.' The phrase 'horrified at/by something' describes the feeling of shock or disgust caused by something specific, while 'horrified expression' and 'horrified silence' refer to physical reactions to shocking events.