appall Definition

greatly dismay or horrify.

Using appall: Examples

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    The news of the accident appalled everyone.

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    The thought of living without electricity for a week appalled her.

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    The cruelty of the dictator appalled the world.

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    The sight of the dead animals appalled the rescuers.

appall Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for appall

Phrases with appall

  • to be shocked or horrified by something


    I was appalled by the conditions in the prison.

  • a moment of silence marked by shock or horror


    The room fell into appalled silence when the news was announced.

  • a facial expression marked by shock or horror


    Her appalled expression showed that she had just heard some terrible news.

Origins of appall

from Old French 'apalir', meaning 'to grow pale'


Summary: appall in Brief

'Appall' [əˈpɔːl] is a verb that means to greatly dismay or horrify. It can be used to describe a range of situations, from personal experiences to global events. Phrases like 'be appalled at/by something' and 'appalled silence' use 'appalled' to denote shock or horror. The formal synonyms for 'appall' are 'dismay' and 'horrify.'