thing Definition

  • 1an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to
  • 2an action, activity, concept, or thought that one refers to without specifying its name
  • 3a matter that is the most important or central to a particular activity or subject

Using thing: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to buy some things at the grocery store.

  • Example

    The thing I like most about her is her sense of humor.

  • Example

    Let's talk about the thing you wanted to discuss.

  • Example

    He has a thing for spicy food.

thing Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for thing

Idioms Using thing

  • to make an issue or problem out of something that is not important


    Don't make a thing out of it; it was just a joke.

  • the least desirable or expected thing


    The last thing I want to do is go to the dentist.

  • used to introduce a statement that explains or clarifies a previous statement


    I really like him. The thing is, he's already in a relationship.

Phrases with thing

  • something that is genuine or authentic


    This Rolex watch is the real thing.

  • to act in a morally correct way


    Even if it's difficult, we must always try to do the right thing.

  • to have a strong liking or attraction for someone or something


    She has a thing for musicians.

Origins of thing

from Old English 'þing', meaning 'assembly, council, discussion'


Summary: thing in Brief

The term 'thing' [θɪŋ] refers to objects, actions, concepts, or thoughts that are not specified by name. It can also refer to the most important or central matter in a particular activity or subject. Examples include 'I need to buy some things at the grocery store,' and 'He has a thing for spicy food.' Idioms include 'make a thing out of,' and 'the last thing.'

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