timely Definition

  • 1done or occurring at a favourable or appropriate time
  • 2happening at the right time; sufficiently early

Using timely: Examples

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    The timely arrival of the ambulance saved his life.

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    It is important to provide timely feedback to employees.

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    The company's timely response to the crisis helped to mitigate the damage.

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    The project was completed in a timely manner.

timely Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with timely

  • timely warning

    a warning given at an appropriate time to prevent harm or danger


    The timely warning from the weather service helped people prepare for the storm.

  • an action taken at the right moment to prevent a problem from getting worse


    The teacher's timely intervention prevented a fight from breaking out.

  • a reminder given at an appropriate time to help someone remember something important


    The email served as a timely reminder to submit the report before the deadline.

Origins of timely

from Old English 'tīmian', meaning 'to happen at a particular time'


Summary: timely in Brief

The term 'timely' [ˈtaɪmli] refers to actions or events that occur at the right moment, or are done at a favourable or appropriate time. It can be used to describe anything from punctuality to interventions, exemplified by 'The timely arrival of the ambulance saved his life.' 'Timely' extends into phrases like 'timely warning,' and is often used in formal contexts.

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