prompt Definition

  • 1done without delay; immediate
  • 2quick to act or respond
  • 3the words spoken by an actor to remind other actors of their lines

Using prompt: Examples

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  • Example

    She gave a prompt response to the question.

  • Example

    The teacher prompted the students to answer the question.

  • Example

    He forgot his lines and had to be prompted by another actor.

  • Example

    The computer system provides a prompt for the user to enter their password.

prompt Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using prompt

  • exactly on time, with no delay


    The train arrived at the station prompt to the minute.

  • quick to react or respond, especially in a competitive situation


    He's always prompt on the draw when it comes to answering trivia questions.

  • prompt as a cat

    very quick and agile


    The gymnast was as prompt as a cat in her movements on the balance beam.

Phrases with prompt

  • payment made without delay or lateness


    The company offers a discount for prompt payment of invoices.

  • immediate or swift action taken in response to a situation or problem


    The government called for prompt action to address the issue of climate change.

  • a copy of the script of a play or musical used by the stage manager to cue the technical crew and actors


    The prompt book contains detailed notes on lighting, sound, and other technical aspects of the production.

Origins of prompt

from Latin 'promptus', meaning 'ready, prepared'


Summary: prompt in Brief

The term 'prompt' [prɒmpt] refers to something done without delay, or someone who is quick to act or respond. It can also refer to the words spoken by an actor to remind others of their lines. Examples include 'She gave a prompt response to the question.' and 'The teacher prompted the students to answer the question.' Phrases like 'prompt payment' and idioms like 'prompt to the minute' emphasize timeliness and punctuality.