tin Definition

  • 1a silvery-white metal that is often mixed with other metals or used to coat them to prevent corrosion
  • 2a container made of tinplate, especially one used for preserving food
  • 3a small amount of something

Using tin: Examples

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  • Example

    The roof was made of tin.

  • Example

    She bought a tin of cookies from the store.

  • Example

    He only had a tin of soup left in the cupboard.

tin Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with tin

  • a lack of sensitivity to music or other sounds


    He has a tin ear and can't tell the difference between a good singer and a bad one.

  • a person who behaves arrogantly or tyrannically because of their perceived power or authority


    The new boss thinks he's a tin god and treats his employees poorly.

  • a lack of understanding or appreciation for something


    He has a tin ear for fashion and always wears mismatched clothes.


Summary: tin in Brief

The term 'tin' [tษชn] refers to a silvery-white metal often used for coating or mixing with other metals to prevent corrosion. It also denotes a container made of tinplate, typically for preserving food, and a small amount of something. Phrases like 'tin ear' describe a lack of sensitivity to music or sounds, while 'tin god' describes someone who behaves arrogantly due to perceived power or authority.

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