tried Definition

  • 1tested and proved to be reliable or trustworthy
  • 2exhausted or worn out by use or constant attempts

Using tried: Examples

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  • Example

    She is a tried and true friend.

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    The recipe is a tried and tested method for making the perfect cake.

  • Example

    After many failed attempts, he finally succeeded with a tried and true strategy.

  • Example

    The old car was tried and worn out.

tried Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with tried

  • a method that has been used successfully in the past and is proven to work


    The tried and tested method for studying for exams is to review your notes every day.

  • a tried and true friend

    a friend who has proven to be reliable and trustworthy over time


    I know I can always count on my tried and true friend to be there for me.

  • a well-tried remedy

    a remedy that has been used successfully for a long time


    Chamomile tea is a well-tried remedy for insomnia.

Origins of tried

past participle of 'try'


Summary: tried in Brief

The term 'tried' [traɪd] refers to something that has been tested and proven to be reliable or trustworthy, such as a 'tried and tested method' or a 'tried and true friend.' It can also refer to something that is exhausted or worn out by use or constant attempts, like a 'tried and worn out' car. Synonyms include 'tested,' 'proven,' 'reliable,' and 'experienced.'