remedy Definition

  • 1a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury
  • 2a way of dealing with or correcting a problem

Using remedy: Examples

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    The best remedy for a headache is to rest and drink plenty of water.

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    There is no easy remedy for this situation.

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    The company implemented a new policy to remedy the issue.

remedy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using remedy

  • a solution to a problem that is unpleasant or difficult to accept


    The company had to lay off some employees as a bitter remedy to their financial problems.

  • a solution to a problem that is only effective for a short period of time


    The patch on the tire was only a temporary remedy; we needed to replace it soon.

  • to take action to correct or improve a situation


    The company applied a remedy by hiring more staff to handle the workload.

Phrases with remedy

  • a treatment for a disease or ailment that can be prepared from ingredients commonly found at home


    My grandmother's home remedy for a cold was to drink hot lemon tea with honey.

  • a solution or course of action to address a problem or issue


    The government is working on a remedy to the situation by implementing new policies and regulations.

  • an activity or experience that provides comfort or relief from emotional pain or distress


    For some people, listening to music is a remedy for the soul.

Origins of remedy

from Old French 'remede', from Latin 'remedium', meaning 'cure, remedy'


Summary: remedy in Brief

The term 'remedy' [ˈrɛmədi] refers to a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury, or a way of dealing with or correcting a problem. It can be a home remedy, like drinking hot lemon tea with honey for a cold, or a remedy to the situation, like implementing new policies to address an issue. Idioms like 'a bitter remedy' and 'a temporary remedy' denote unpleasant or short-term solutions, while 'to apply a remedy' means to take action to correct a situation.

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