apply Definition

  • 1make a formal application or request
  • 2put or spread (a substance) on a surface
  • 3be applicable or relevant

Using apply: Examples

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  • Example

    I applied for a job at the new company.

  • Example

    She applied for a scholarship to study abroad.

  • Example

    He applied for a loan to start his business.

  • Example

    The nurse applied the ointment to the wound.

  • Example

    He applied the paint to the canvas with a brush.

  • Example

    These rules do not apply to everyone.

  • Example

    The same principle applies to this situation as well.

apply Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for apply

Phrases with apply

  • devote oneself to a particular task or course of study


    If you apply yourself, you can pass the exam.

  • make a formal request for something


    He applied for a visa to visit his family in another country.

  • be relevant or applicable to


    These rules apply to all employees.

Origins of apply

from Old French 'apliquer', from Latin 'applicare', from 'ad-' (to) + 'plicare' (fold)


Summary: apply in Brief

To 'apply' [əˈplaɪ] means to make a formal request or put/spread a substance on a surface. It can also mean to be relevant or applicable. Examples include 'I applied for a job at the new company,' and 'The nurse applied the ointment to the wound.' Phrases like 'apply oneself' and 'apply for' use 'apply' to denote devoting oneself to a task or making a formal request, respectively.

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