petition Definition

  • 1a formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause.
  • 2a document containing a formal request for something, submitted to an authority or organization.

Using petition: Examples

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    The petition was signed by thousands of people.

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    They submitted a petition to the court.

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    The petition calls for a change in the law.

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    The online petition has gained a lot of support.

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Phrases with petition

  • a statement of civil liberties sent by the English Parliament to Charles I in 1628, which he accepted and thus granted the Petition legal standing; it is considered one of the three constitutional documents that laid the foundation for the rule of law in England


    The Petition of Right was a major step towards limiting the power of the monarch in England.

  • petition the court

    to make a formal request to a court of law


    They decided to petition the court for custody of their children.

  • a campaign to collect signatures on a petition, usually for a political or social cause


    The petition drive was successful in getting the issue on the ballot.

Origins of petition

from Latin 'petitio', meaning 'a request'


Summary: petition in Brief

A 'petition' [pəˈtɪʃ(ə)n] is a formal written request, often signed by many people, that appeals to an authority or organization regarding a particular cause. It can be used to call for a change in the law or to request something from an authority. Examples include 'The petition was signed by thousands of people.' and 'The online petition has gained a lot of support.'

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