entreaty Definition

  • 1an earnest request or petition
  • 2a plea or appeal

Using entreaty: Examples

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  • Example

    She made an entreaty to her boss for a raise.

  • Example

    The protesters issued an entreaty to the government to reconsider their policies.

  • Example

    His entreaty for forgiveness fell on deaf ears.

  • Example

    The letter was an entreaty to the authorities to take action against the injustice.

entreaty Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for entreaty

Phrases with entreaty

  • ignore someone's entreaties

    refuse to listen to someone's requests or appeals


    Despite her entreaties, he refused to change his mind.

  • a request or plea for mercy or leniency


    The convict made an entreaty for mercy before the judge.

  • a request or plea for peace or cessation of hostilities


    The diplomats made an entreaty for peace between the two warring nations.

Origins of entreaty

from Middle English 'entreten', meaning 'to treat', and Old French 'entraitier', meaning 'to treat, handle, deal with'


Summary: entreaty in Brief

'Entreaty' [en-treet-ee] refers to an earnest request or petition, often made in a formal context. It can be used in phrases like 'entreaty for mercy' or 'entreaty for peace,' and is exemplified by sentences like 'She made an entreaty to her boss for a raise.'