unbalance Definition

  • 1to make something lose its balance or stability
  • 2to cause mental or emotional instability

Using unbalance: Examples

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  • Example

    The heavy backpack unbalanced the hiker and he fell down.

  • Example

    The sudden news of her father's death unbalanced her emotionally.

  • Example

    The new regulations unbalanced the market and caused a drop in stock prices.

unbalance Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for unbalance

Antonyms for unbalance

Phrases with unbalance

  • to surprise or shock someone so that they lose their balance, both physically or mentally


    The unexpected news threw him off balance and he couldn't speak for a moment.

  • mental unbalance

    a state of mental instability or illness


    The stress of the job caused him to experience mental unbalance and he had to take a leave of absence.

  • a diet that lacks proper nutrition or has an excessive amount of certain nutrients


    Eating only junk food can lead to an unbalanced diet and health problems.


Summary: unbalance in Brief

To 'unbalance' [ˌʌnˈbæləns] is to destabilize or upset something, either physically or mentally. Examples include throwing off balance, mental unbalance, and unbalanced diet. Synonyms include destabilize and disrupt, while antonyms include balance and stabilize.

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