unclean Definition

  • 1dirty or contaminated
  • 2morally impure or sinful

Using unclean: Examples

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    The kitchen was unclean and needed a thorough cleaning.

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    The water in the river was unclean and not safe to drink.

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    He felt unclean after cheating on his exam.

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    The book contained unclean language that was not suitable for children.

unclean Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unclean

Phrases with unclean

  • a legal term referring to a situation where a party has acted wrongly or unethically in a matter, and therefore cannot claim damages or other relief


    The court found that the plaintiff had unclean hands and dismissed the case.

  • a term used in the Bible to describe an evil spirit or demon


    Jesus cast out the unclean spirit from the man possessed by it.

  • an animal considered impure or unfit for consumption according to Jewish dietary laws


    Pork is an unclean animal according to Jewish dietary laws.


Summary: unclean in Brief

The term 'unclean' [ʌnˈkliːn] refers to something that is dirty or contaminated, or morally impure or sinful. It can be used to describe physical objects, such as 'The kitchen was unclean and needed a thorough cleaning,' or non-physical things, such as 'He felt unclean after cheating on his exam.' 'Unclean' also has legal and religious connotations, such as 'unclean hands' and 'unclean animal.' Synonyms include 'dirty,' 'filthy,' 'corrupt,' and 'immoral.'