undeveloped Definition

  • 1not having been developed or exploited; immature or rudimentary
  • 2not having reached full potential; not fully grown or realized

Using undeveloped: Examples

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    The land is still undeveloped and covered in trees.

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    Her artistic talent remained undeveloped until she took a class in college.

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    The company has many undeveloped ideas for new products.

undeveloped Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for undeveloped

Phrases with undeveloped

  • undeveloped country

    a country that has not yet achieved a high level of industrialization, infrastructure, or economic development


    Many undeveloped countries struggle with poverty and lack of access to basic resources.

  • a roll of photographic film that has not yet been processed or printed


    I found an old box of undeveloped film in the attic and had it processed at a photo lab.

  • land that has not yet been built on or developed for commercial or residential use


    The city council is considering rezoning the undeveloped property for a new shopping center.


Summary: undeveloped in Brief

Undeveloped [ˌʌndɪˈvɛləpt] refers to something that has not been fully grown, realized, or exploited. It can describe anything from land and ideas to personal talents. Examples include 'The land is still undeveloped and covered in trees' and 'The company has many undeveloped ideas for new products.' Synonyms include 'unrealized,' 'unfulfilled,' and 'immature.'

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