unfulfilled Definition

  • 1not satisfied or happy because your abilities or situation have not allowed you to do everything you wanted to do
  • 2not completed or achieved

Using unfulfilled: Examples

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    She felt unfulfilled in her job and decided to pursue a new career.

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    His dreams of becoming a musician remained unfulfilled.

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    The promise of a better life remained unfulfilled for many immigrants.

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    The team's potential remained unfulfilled due to poor management.

unfulfilled Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unfulfilled

Phrases with unfulfilled

  • unfulfilled expectations

    hopes or desires that were not met


    The movie failed to meet the unfulfilled expectations of the audience.

  • abilities or talents that were not fully developed or utilized


    The athlete's unfulfilled potential was a source of disappointment for his fans.

  • unfulfilled promises

    commitments that were not kept


    The politician's unfulfilled promises led to a loss of public trust.


Summary: unfulfilled in Brief

'Unfulfilled' [ˌʌnfʊlˈfɪld] describes a state of dissatisfaction or disappointment due to unrealized goals or potential. It can refer to personal aspirations, such as 'She felt unfulfilled in her job,' or broader societal issues, such as 'The promise of a better life remained unfulfilled for many immigrants.' 'Unfulfilled' is often used in phrases like 'unfulfilled expectations' or 'unfulfilled potential,' and has synonyms like 'unsatisfied' and 'disappointed.'

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