unsatisfied Definition

  • 1not content or pleased with something
  • 2not having fulfilled desires or expectations

Using unsatisfied: Examples

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  • Example

    She was unsatisfied with the service at the restaurant.

  • Example

    I am unsatisfied with my current job.

  • Example

    The customer left the store feeling unsatisfied with their purchase.

unsatisfied Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unsatisfied

Phrases with unsatisfied

  • a feeling of hunger that has not been satisfied


    After a long day of work, he had an unsatisfied hunger for pizza.

  • unsatisfied curiosity

    a feeling of curiosity that has not been satisfied


    She had an unsatisfied curiosity about the history of her family.

  • a need that has not been fulfilled


    The homeless man had many unsatisfied needs, including food and shelter.


Summary: unsatisfied in Brief

The term 'unsatisfied' [ˌʌnsætɪsˈfaɪd] refers to a state of not being content or pleased with something, often due to unfulfilled desires or expectations. It can be used to describe feelings towards a job, service, or purchase, as in 'She was unsatisfied with the service at the restaurant.' 'Unsatisfied' extends into phrases like 'unsatisfied hunger,' and describes feelings of curiosity or needs that have not been fulfilled.