undone Definition

  • 1not fastened, tied, or buttoned
  • 2not done or completed

Using undone: Examples

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  • Example

    Her hair was undone and messy.

  • Example

    The project was left undone due to lack of funding.

  • Example

    He left the house with his shoelaces undone.

  • Example

    The consequences of their actions cannot be undone.

undone Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with undone

  • to become disordered or fail completely


    The whole plan came undone when they realized they had forgotten a crucial step.

  • to not do something that should be done


    Don't leave any work undone before you go on vacation.

  • to leave someone in a difficult or unpleasant situation


    I can't just leave her undone like this. I have to help her.


Summary: undone in Brief

The term 'undone' [ʌnˈdʌn] refers to things that are not fastened, tied, or buttoned, or things that are not done or completed. It can describe physical objects like shoelaces or hair, as well as abstract concepts like projects or consequences. The phrase 'come undone' means to fail completely, while 'leave undone' means to not do something that should be done.

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